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Doctors and dentists

We realize that finding doctors and dentists in another country can be a challenging and scary process. For many of us, the ability for our doctor or dentist to speak English is very important. Most professionals in Germany speak English and you may find that a receptionist within the office will speak English as well. The following is a list of doctors and dentists that our families have used:

Asthma Dr. Josef Leierseder 08631/5812
  Stadtplatz 1, Mühldorf  


Dr. Schlehaider 08677/3841
  Robert Kochstrasse, Burghausen  

Dr. Gisela or Dr. Axel Grösser 08671/8063
  Burghauserstr. 4a, Altötting  


Dr. Werner Metlitzky 08677/5588
  Wackerstr. 38, Burghausen  
  Dr. Michael Fritz 08677/2291
  Marktlerstr. 33a, Burghausen  
  Dr. Nennhuber/ Dr. Karin Widmann 08671/4189
  Dr. Widmann is great with kids!  

Ear, nose & throat

Dr. Magdalena Schmid 08677/2022
  Marktlerstr. 33a, Burghausen  

General Practitioner

Dr. Alexander Koch 08677/97860
and Chiropractic Mehringerstr. 45, Burghausen  

General Practitioner

Dr. Markus Brown 08677/64974
  Robert-Kochstr. 26, Burghausen  
  Dr. Brown's English is great!  


Dr. Andreas Vogel 08677/3068
Knee specialist Marktlerstr. 16, Burghausen  

General Practice/also

Dr. Uwe Scholz 08671/6817
Naturopathic Neuöttingerstr. 4, Altötting  

General Practitioner

Dr. Roland Hagen 08671/6706
Homeopathy and European Altötting  
Ear Acupuncture    


Drs. Missberger & Bettstetter 08679/81193
  Kienbergring 1, Burgkirchen  

Dr. Roland Marschner 08677/66330
  Marktlerstrasse 14, Burghausen  

Frauenarzt (OB/GYN)

Dr. Adam Konieczny 08677/3001
  Elisabethstr. 8, Burghausen  


Dr. Andreas Gross 08677/9706
  Robert Kochstr. 56, Burghausen  

Dr. Christoph Brohr 08677/2413
  Marktlerstr. 33, Burghausen  


Dr. Hans-Joachim Schepp 08677/4425
  Berliner Platz 3, Burghausen  


Dr. Dietl 08671/8057
  Bahnhofsplatz 16, Altötting  
  Dr. Dietl's English is great  


Dr. Wilhelm Erber 08677/4425


Dr. Christine Unger 08677/3154
  Ungerhauserstr. 13, Burghausen  

Dr. Bernhard Staudt 08671/71101
  Ludwigstrasse, 74, Neuotting  
  Dr. Staudt speaks English very well  


Dr. Sabina Halm 08677/5303
  Elisabethstr. 8, Burghausen  

Note: Some doctors give flu vaccinations for free.

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Barbara Heller