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Health insurance

Health insurance issues have been difficult for the families that relocated here to Germany. Wacker Human Resources is aware of concerns and problems and we hope to see some changes in regards to the insurance process in the near future. There are two different insurance plans, Barmenia Krankenversicherung or Mutual of Omaha. Most families will continue to be covered by Mutual of Omaha but it does depend on each individual contract. Both insurance plans require the individual to pay bills directly and submit reimbursement forms to the insurance company for repayment. It is important to note that families have experienced long delays when submitting reimbursement forms to Mutual of Omaha. Repayment can take up to several months partially due to the translation process from German to English. It is strongly suggested that each family be clear on the insurance process before they leave the U.S.

Barmenia contact information:
There is a Barmenia insurance specialist for Wacker located in Munich, Germany. If you should have any questions or concerns, hospitalizations or major expenses, contact Frau Furitsch at 089/ 6279-1609. She speaks English well and should be able to assist you.

Mutual of Omaha contact information:
Direct any insurance claims or questions and concerns to the following contact at Mutual of Omaha:

Send claims to: David Dartlon
Mutual of Omaha
Woodward Health Service Center
P.O. Box 9
Woodward, OK 73802-0009
1-800-462-2877 x8539

Note: There have been some concerns with Mutual of Omaha in the past so you may want to check each of your reimbursements for accuracy when you receive them. You can email the Mutual of Omaha contact if you should have any questions or concerns. They should reimburse based on the exchange rate of the date of service. Be sure to keep excellent records of services and copies of any claims sent in.

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Barbara Heller