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Paying Taxes from Germany

Here is an announcement regarding tax assistance from the ``American Citizen Services Germany'' email service. You can sign up to get regular announcements from about things like this as well as security alerts them by emailing

``Do you need help filing your 2001 Federal Taxes? If so, you can possibly receive free tax assistance through the Volunteer Embassy and Consulate Tax Assistance (VECTA) Programs currently being offered by the American Consulates in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. The VECTA Programs in each location are run by volunteers who have undergone IRS training that concentrates on the needs of overseas filers. Most programs are conducted on an appointment-only basis. For information on obtaining tax assistance in your area please contact:

Düsseldorf - (or call at 0211 - 47061-27)

Frankfurt - (or call the tax assistance hotline at 069 - 7535-2305 and leave your name and number)

Munich -

If you live in an area of Germany with no VECTA program, or if you wish to speak to the IRS directly, you can contact IRS representatives in either Berlin or Philadelphia.

The IRS office in Berlin is located in the same building as the consular section of the U.S. Embassy at Clayallee 170, 14195 Berlin (Dahlem). It is open from 9 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday except for U.S. and German holidays. The IRS in Berlin can be contacted by telephone at 030-8305-1140, or by fax at 030-8305-1145.

The IRS' Philadelphia Customer Assistance office can be reached by telephone at 001-215-516-2000, or by fax at 001-215-516-3256. (These are long-distance numbers to the United States.) The Philadelphia office has personnel trained in foreign issues and can assist with technical or account questions.

Tax forms can be obtained through the IRS web site at, or through the IRS's fax-back service. From your fax machine dial 001-703-487-4160 and a list of available forms will be sent to you automatically. Note: All forms needed by overseas filers, including Form 2555 and Publication 54, are in the 1040 booklet.

Please send all comments and questions regarding this e-mail to''

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Barbara Heller