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In the past few years, Wacker has relocated several families from the United States to Burghausen, Germany and the surrounding area. Relocation to another country is a wonderful and exciting experience but it is not without its challenges. The first families to arrive in Burghausen developed a support network that has expanded to include not only new American families but families from other cultures as well, including Germans. The women met weekly to socialize, share stories, support and help each other in times of need. Through this network, and an ensuring focus group, the idea of this survival guide was born.

Many of us met numerous challenges when trying to settle in and acclimate ourselves to this new environment. As we began to discuss our issues, we discovered that most of our challenges were similar. It was decided that new families could benefit from our frustrations as well as our positive experiences via the creation of this survival guide. This guide focuses on information about your new way of life here in Germany. We hope that this guide will provide you with useful information that will make the transition to Burghausen a little smoother and a lot less stressful.

We welcome you to Burghausen!

Your Survival Guide Team

Abbildung 1: Left to right in photo: Rachel Gagnier, Rob Gagnier, Monika Friedrich, Tom Nagy, Judy Moreland, Shannon Van Horn, Carolyn Lesch and Barbara Heller. Not in photo: Jill Simmons, Carol Pierce

NOTE: This document is a compilation of opinions and facts based on the experiences of the various individuals who have moved here to Burghausen. The policies and procedures within this document are subject to change and are only accurate as of the date this document was written.

Original Text: March 2002
Most recent update: December, 2005
Maintained by: Barbara Heller. Email with input for changes, updates, additions, etc.

Please note: This guide is in the process of being updated (December 29th). Please check back in a few weeks for the finished (hopefully!!) draft.

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Barbara Heller